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Some Info About Poinsettias

Taking Care of a poinsettia requires feeling the soil to determine whether or not it needs water. Once a week a good drink usually does the trick. I like for the water to come out the bottom of the pot it's in and then let the plant get almost dry before I water again.

They do not like direct sun, or cold drafts. A bright location, florescent or incandescent light works too. The plants pictured get no natural light.

If they get too dry the leaves will curl up and the green ones will turn yellow & fall off. If they get too much water they will start getting blackish edges and spots on both geen & colored leaves that will also fall off.They will stay looing good and stay pretty if you check them every couple days & try to stay consistant with your watering. Most plants are overwatered let them use the water you give them before you water again. Don't fry them just medium dry them.

The colored parts of the plant are actually leaves that change colors due to being put in total darkness (like a closet that gets no light at all) for 12 hours a day for 5 or 6 days in a row. Let me know if you do this I would like to know someone who has tried it.

They are not poisonous, if a large amount is ingested upset stomach and or vomiting may occur. We are talking lots of it and they don't taste good. I have had them around animals all my life and none have ever even attempted to eat them. So if you are afraid your animal or kid will die from eating a poinsettia no worries mon.

Poinsettia are Native to Southern Mexico. the The first United States Ambassador to Mexico Joel Roberts Poinsett was the person responsible for bringing them to the United States (he thought they were pretty)

They outsell all other potted plants, 80% are bought by women.

Happy Poinsettia

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