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Mother In Laws Tongue/ Snake Plant/ Sansaveria- Are easy fun plants to grow

For several years I did not work well with these plants. More and more they are being ask for by my clients, and on sales calls. They have that less cluttered simplistic look that people are looking for. As far as care, they are easy. They are low light plants so if they are under florescent light for 8 or so hours a day, or indirect light, they are happy plants. Just be aware of how much you are watering them. They do not use their water fast so it is necessary to feel the soil before you water them. I have plants that can go 4 weeks or more. That being said water them enough that the water you give them comes out the bottom of the nursery container they are in. They like being root bound so don't transplant them right away, probably even years. They don't get bugs either. I am really enjoying these plants and work they well in groupings too.


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