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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Green & Ever Growing do Residences?

Yes we do! We can come in and care for your existing plants and or we can redesign with new containers & plants. As well as get the plants going & then help you to care for them yourself.


  • Are the plants you put in Offices & Residences grown locally?

No they come in on semi-trucks from Florida & California


  • Are the plants used in Offices considered Tropical

 Yes the plants used in offices and homes are of tropical origin.


  • How often should I water my plants?

It varies due to the type of plant & location, so feel the soil to determine moisture. You dont want the soil to be super dry, but it is good to let the plant use the majority of the water before watering it again.


  • What causes most plants to die?



  • What are the little bugs that fly around and get in your face?

Fungus Nats. They are a result of the plants staying too moist.


  • How do I get rid of the fungus nats?

Pour a generous amount of original Dawn dishwashing liquid back & forth over the soil (no this doesnt hurt the plant) if the plant needs water, water the dawn in and in a couple months the nats will be gone. Keep in mind that the adult nats only live a couple of days but they lay eggs in the soil which continue to hatch especially if you keep the plant too moist. You can also buy yellow sicky cards (amazon carries them) & post them around the plants. They are attracted to the yellow glue which they get stuck & die in.


  • When should I transplant?

If you have to water your plant more than once a week I recommend you transplant it going to a container 2-3" larger than the one it is currently in. If you go to a much bigger container you run the risk of overwatering the plant because the soil will hold more water longer.


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