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Green & Ever Growing has been in business since 1987 and is a small company by design. Staying small ensures we work directly with our clients and their plants; they get personalized care. Both clients and their plants enjoy the consistency of working directly with us. We still have several of our original clients and even some of the original plants!

denver indoor plants
Hollie Gianoulias
Interior Plantscaper, Owner

303-880-0051 •

Kathy Dodd
Interior Plantscaper, Owner

720-299-9866 •


Client Images

Client Images

Plant & Planter Guide

Plant & Planter Guide



Want Plants? We Can Help.

Plant Design

We will come to your location(s) and conduct a walk through and consultation. We determine the use and placement of hanging, floor and counter top plants, using decorative containers and/or planter boxes. We select plants that are best suited for the locations, in your office or on your rooftop patio, where the plants will grow well and complement your surroundings. We use plants that age well and become more attractive over time. We will then submit a written no obligation proposal for your approval.



Following approval of our proposal, we can usually conduct our installation services within a week. Most of our hand selected plants are grown in Florida. During installation we deliver, clean, prune, and trim the plants and provide their initial watering. The plants are placed in decorative containers using saucers, moss and protective mats where necessary.


Plant Care

Our regular maintenance services are customized in accordance with the types of plants and their environment. Our maintenance includes, watering, feeding, turning, trimming, dusting, pruning, insect control, light monitoring, blooming rotations, and replacement of plants when necessary. You will have the same representative working with you throughout all aspects of design, install and maintenance of your plants. Your plant care person will handle all questions or other needs you may have.


New and replacement plants are all hand selected by your plant care person to ensure they are suited to your location's specific needs.


Already Have Plants?

If you already have plants or a plant service, but would like to upgrade your plants/containers and services, we are the company for you. By switching to us, you will also qualify for a month of free maintenance with a one-year contract.


Holiday Season Office Decorations

We are also more than willing to work with you to create a custom winter wonderland during the holiday season, including: poinsettia, artificial christmas trees, wreathes, garlands, and more. 

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