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How often should I water my plant?

I am often ask how often do I water my plants? Feel the soil push your fingers down as far as you can feeling for moisture, and try and remember when you watered last and about how much you gave it. before you water be sure the plant has used the water you gave it last time you watered. Check the soil every 5-10 days, on larger plants and every 3 days on small plants.

How much light and warmth a plant gets sets the stage for how fast they use the water you give them. If they are in a bright location near a heat source they will use their water faster. If they only get artifical light and the air conditioner is cranking they will use much less water.

Plants like humans are all different. They use water at different rates, they have different light requirements, and they are living growing creatures, which are affected by warm and cool air. The season changes also affect plants. They are aware of shorter days and less light, which means less water usage.

When you do water, give them enough water for it to reach the bottom of the conatiner the plant is in. If it is in its nusery pot you will have drainage holes in the bottom and the water will come out there. Try and be as consistant with the amount and time that you water as you can. But you still have to check the soil before you water because plants can stop using the water you were consistantly giving them and you wont know this if you dont check the soil.

Being consistant with your plants water is the best way to care for them. Watering once a week or every 10 days is the easiest way to get consistant, using about the same amount of water each time you water. But when the seasons start to change you may have to adjust up or down with the amount and time you water them.

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