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What are the benefits of having plants in your environment?

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Here is a List of Tested & Proven Benefits to Having Plants in Your Environment

Green Symbolizes Growth-Peace-Harmony

Companies that provide plants for their employees, increase production from their staff because they feel management cares and plants add a sense of well being.

Plants clean the air in office buildings and homes by neutralizing gases given off from common interior pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen dioxide. These toxins are released from furnishings, flooring and paint.

When we breath out we release carbon dioxide that plants use to make oxygen which keeps us and animals alive and healthy.

Foliage plants are vibrational and give off good vibrations. They stimulate our senses, they are Living Art. They stimulate our site and smell, they improve the Human Experience.

A reduction in absent workers is great for Employers, while Property Managers benefit from an increase in tenant occupancy. Retention rates are improved for Employers and Property Managers.

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