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What is the best container/pot for your Living Art

Decorative Containers come in many colors, lots more than I am showing you here.


They are made out of various materials. Plolyproplene, Bamboo, Powered Marble mixed with resin on fiberglass, Abaca Bark pressed onto a synthetic shell, shells fitted onto a synthetic base, stone mixed with resin, and even recycled plastic.


There are lots of different shapes as well. So its a matter of what feel you're after. You need to also purchase the right size container. The plant is normally kept in its nusery pot (the plastic pot it was in coming from place of purchase) and then sat inside the decorative container. Measure the diameter of the nusery pot and order the decorative container that fits it. Some of the containers come with an inside shelf that sits at the correct height for the size of plant your using it for. For containers that have the shelf you will need a saucer that fits inside. Other containers come with liners and support poles that hold the plant at the correct height, no need for a saucer with these.

With all this being said purchasing decorative containers can be complicated. The works of art containers that are avaliable are amazingly beautiful. It used to be clay pots and ceramic pots, they were heavy, breakable, seeped and even scrached surfaces they were on.

The new containers are worth the price, they are built to last, and stunningly beautiful. They add to the beauty of your Living Art.

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