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Get rid of Ceramic Planters use Fiberglass

We see this all the time. 2 ton ceramic planters that belong outside used inside.

Planter on the left might as well be made out of iron which it felt like when we moved it.

These Ceramic planters are used by desigeners for interior plants a lot.

They are not for indoor use because. They scratch the surfaces they are on, they seep moisture, and sometimes crack, and are to heavy to move around when you want to clean or rearange.

Bottom line don't invest the money or strength to use them.

The beautiful planter on the right is a fiberglass material that does not scratch surfaces, seep moisture or crack and they are not heavy.

So invest in Art like planters for your Living Art & put your ceramic planters outside for your flowers. Contact us & we will come out & redesign your house or office with Plants & Planter Art.

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