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What are some of the easiest plants to grow and care for at your residence or office?

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This is a Pencil Cactus, it is one very easy to grow and fun plant.

They need full sun or they get too leggy and fall over.

They need to dry out between watering so feel the soil before watering, because they tend to be slow at using it.

Bugs are not normally attracted to them because of their tough stems.

The nursery containers, that Pencils come in, range in sizes from 2” to 17”.

They have a sculptured look to them and are very unique to look at.

Living Art for sure!

2013-04-06 14.45.57.jpg

Here we have a Ponytail Palm – Easy to grow and they get prettier with age.

They need good light, full sun is best but I have them in medium light (indirect sun) and they do fine.

Again feel the soil before watering and let them get almost completely dry before watering again.

Ponytails grow from the center so the lower older bottom leaves turn brown and yellow and come off at a slow rate but it does happen. The foliage is very sharp so these plants are not generally kid friendly, because they may get scratched or cut.

They have a bulb like base and can have several trunks coming off of it.

Bugs are not common with these pants. Containers come in sizes ranging from 2" to 17" & up (again this is nursery container size).

They are a great focal plant in a tall container – a beautiful Living Art choice!

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