July 28, 2017

I am constantly surprised by the fact the people don't seem to realize that plants need light in order to be and stay beautiful. People seem to think they are inanimate objects. That they are not living creatures responsible for life on this planet.
Don't turn out the...

March 20, 2017

 Seems everybody wants orchids. Easy, Beautiful, & Fun. They are easy to work with. I find that if they are not watered too often they do better.

They really do just want to be admired, & appreciated.

They do like florescent light. If they are kept too cool the buds won...

September 12, 2016

For several years I did not work well with these plants. More and more they are being ask for by my clients, and on sales calls. They have that less cluttered simplistic look that people are looking for. As far as care, they are easy. They are low light plants so if th...

April 11, 2016


Succulent Gardens are super popular. We are regularly ask about using them in designs. So far

there has not been sufficient lighting to grow them. They need direct sunlight. They start falling

apart if they do not get it. They look good for a couple of months but after...

February 3, 2016


This is a residentuial plant & planter design we recently did with the owner of this beautiful house. The planters ranged from 17" high to 41" high super cool look .

January 20, 2016

We see this all the time. 2 ton ceramic planters that belong outside used inside.

Planter on the left might as well be made out of iron which it felt like when we moved it.

These Ceramic planters are used by desigeners for interior plants a lot.

They are not for indoor us...

December 11, 2015


Taking Care of a poinsettia requires feeling the soil to determine whether or not it needs water. Once a week a good drink usually does the trick. I like for the water to come out the bottom of the pot it's in and then let the plant get almost dry before I water again...

October 11, 2015


OK time of year when changes start to happen with your plants. In my case the office plants I care for start using more water. The heat kicks on and the plants are toasty warm. They use more water to stay cool. At the same time the days are shorter, which means they g...

September 22, 2015

This is our radio ad that plays in Denver on Cruisin' 950




September 15, 2015


Got all kinds of ideas as to what art is and as a plant person I can tell you it grows.


In this picture we've got musical art, framed art & potted art. All beautiful but only the potted one grows.


Only the potted one provides and cleans the air we breath. They bring l...

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