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Common Name: Yucca
Scientific Name: Yucca Elephantipes Tree
Lighting: High
Water: Dry
Bugs: Spider Mite
Here is a picture of a Yucca Plant


Their foliage is sharp and spear like; watch your eyes the leaf edges are even sharper than the point. Don't be deceived.

They are durable plants and can tolerate being dry. Over watering will show as a brown tip with a yellow halo. Under watering is indicated in shriveled stalks (not woody trunk), and solid yellow and brown leaves. These are usually the lower leaves.

These plants can be purchased in a foliage tip or cane form.

This plant requires a lot of attention to keep looking nice.


If these plants are grown in direct sunlight, they will stay compact and their stalks will be able to support the weight of their foliage. The less light they get, the more the stalks and foliage will stretch to the light source. Sometimes this stretched foliage will break off.

As yuccas age, we have found black splotches appear randomly on the foliage. Where it is possible trim the black parts off or remove the whole leaf altogether. If the whole head becomes unsightly, cut it down to a suitable height, and wait for the new heads to grow - usually three or four new heads will appear. Be careful not to over water now. Less foliage means less water.

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