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Common Name: Peace Lily
Scientific Name: Mauna Loa Supreme
Lighting: Low
Water: Moist
Bugs: Scale
Peace Lily
Here is a picture of a Peace Lily Plant


Peace lilies come in many varieties, from small delicate leafed plants to ones with giant elongated leaves. They can all produce a white bloom. It is not a good idea to let the foliage droop severely between watering on a consistent basis. Once these plants droop and then are watered, they stand back up, but because of the strain on the plant a few of the lower leaves will turn yellow and must be removed. This is due to root system damage, and as a result you will have to keep the soil moister. Try watering a peace lily thoroughly and then let the soil at the top dry out to the touch (about two inches down).


Remove dead and discolored leaves. Cut or pull off dead flowers. Trim edges of the leaves as needed. We recommend trimming to the shape of the leaf.

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