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In the plant tips we give three general light categories: high, medium, and low light.

High light is natural sunlight shining or reflecting on the leaf surface. Place the plant in a south or west window (sometimes east). There should be no curtains closed, no overhang outside (porch), shadow of a building or tree on this window.

Medium light is considered light from a north window, or southern window with something screening the light source. There is probably no direct sun, but still some bright natural light.

Low light is defined as very little natural light or purely artifical light. In an area such as a basement with no real consistant sun or artificial light, don't expect regular growth, and a watering mistake could be deadly.

Proper lighting is essential for healthy indoor plants. Plants needing high light that are placed in low light will thin out and become weak. Their new growth will become stretched or dwarfed. They become more succeptable to diseases and bug infestations.

We do not recommend placing your indoor plants outside. However, if you have a porch or overhang that protects them from the direct rays of the sun, go for it. If mite succeptable plants like palms are outside, watch closely for bugs, they can land on the plants with a breeze.

Growers acclimate (progressively shade plants from the sun) so house plants will have leaves that are used to the lower levels of indoor light. A house plant that puts on lots of leaves outside in the summer months, when brought indoors, might shed some of it's newest growth. And in proportion, the leaves put on in the following winter months will be smaller. In short, leave your plants in the house.

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