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Common Name: Dracaena
Scientific Name: Dracaena Marginata
Lighting: Medium
Water: Slightly Dry
Bugs: Spider Mite
Here is a picture of a Dracaena Plant


The name dracaena incorporates a broad variety of plants. In this entry we will talk about the care of the most common variety, the marginata or dragon plant. They usually have a lot of woody stalk showing and are grown upright with the foliage or head just at the top. They can be anywhere from two feet to twenty feet tall. More expensive plants have had their stems weighted down during production growing to make curves and bends in the stalks. They can resemble a candelabra. The leaves are dark green with a dark red margin around the outer edge. Marginata tips are mainly foliage with a small amount of stalk showing.

Over watering - pale, dwarfed new growth, brown tipping, rotting, stinky stalks (remove these immediately).

Under watering - bright yellow lower leaves, droopy heads, wrinkled stalks.


Cut the cane to desired level or pull out only center new growth if you want a subtle prune job and want to maintain the same height. The ends of the foliage will sometimes brown indicating over watering. These can be trimmed to the shape of the original leaf or blunt cut.

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