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Common Name: Corn Plant / Fragrans
Scientific Name: Dracaena Fragrans
Lighting: Low
Water: Slightly Dry
Bugs: Spider Mite (not common)
Corn Plant / Fragrans
Here is a picture of a Corn Plant


These are low light plants that offer height, while keeping to a narrow space. Plants are sold with canes grouped in a pot varying in height. At the top of the canes emerge green foliage that looks like a corn stalk. The foliage varies in color from solid green to light green, with green stripes.

The roots are close to the canes so water around each one. Because the water use is different for each cane, check around the whole pot. A sign of dehydration is wrinkling on the green stem where it joins the cane. Continual dehydration leaves you with crinkled withered foliage, and possibly Cane Rot. Over watering encourages spots on the new growth and yellow hallows around the very tips of the leaves.

Because of the shallow and small root system, the canes will become top heavy and lean over. To support the cane wedge a small object between the cane and the growing pot to secure the plant and keep it up right and stable. Do not lift these plants by their canes, this can cause damage to the root system.


To control height and maintain the existing shape, pull out the very center new growth of the plant.

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