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Common Name: Areca Palm
Scientific Name: Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens
Lighting: Medium to High
Water: Moist
Bugs: Spider Mite
Areca Palm
Here is a picture of an Areca Palm Plant


Arecas do not age well. When new they have an upright appearance, but with time the new fronds become heavy and bent, and the plant spreads out. The foliage becomes spotted and the tips of the fronds turn brown.

If the soil dries out completely, the plant wilts dramatically. When watered it will stand back up, but several of the fronds will then turn yellow.

Check regularly for spider mite, especially where there is heat and air circulation.

This plant requires a lot of attention to keep looking nice.


Remove whole fronds as they yellow. Arecas are sensitive to salts and minerals in their water and show a spotting like freckles on their foliage. When damage on the fronds becomes predominant, cut these fronds off as well.

From our experience it is normal for palms to have brown tips on their leaves, similar to how our hair gets dry at the ends. These can be trimmed off.

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