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Candelabra Tree
Common Name:
Candelabra Tree
Scientific Name:
Euphorbia Acurensis
Slightly Dry
Here is a picture of a Euphorbia Plant


Euphorbias are often mistaken for cacti because of their columnar shape and spines. They are succulents like cacti but also, usually, have leaves. Some of the common names for the Euphorbias are Candelabra Tree or Good Luck Cacti. If the soil is kept too dry, leaf production is limited.


There are two common types of Euphorbia, woody stemmed plants like poinsettias and crown of thorns, and the smooth cacti - like Euphorbias. It is hard to make cuts on the cacti-like Euphorbia, but the woody varieties can easily be cut or pinched back. All Euphorbias have a milky sap, which irritates sensitive skin.

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